• One idea, endless possibilities

    Lighting systems based on a modular concept

    Designed as modular systems, the buschfeld range offers a wide variety of application and combination opportunities plus a huge selection of dimensions, colours and materials. We are glad to help you create the light that’s right for you.

  • Wall, Pend, Ceiling, In

    Solutions for all types of architecture and needs

    lightlight currently comprises four different track systems, which can be mounted on ceilings or walls, as a pendant system, or integrated in the form of recessed track. Thus providing the ideal basis for highly diverse lighting concepts.


  • Versatile elements

    Track can be adapted to suit individual applications

    buschfeld offers a wide range of system components, connectors and power feeds in different colours and materials to align with the track systems available.

  • Aesthetically pleasing, function-oriented designs

    Exactly the right amount of light where it is needed

    buschfeld offers 20 luminaires and shades in a range of designs featuring special functions for selected applications using buschfeld track. These include: luminaires for paintings, ceiling washlights, spotlights for mounting on walls or shelves, mirror luminaires, small luminaires for tables and bars, or project-related luminaires. Custom configurations in custom colours are also part of the collection

  • Beautiful ambiences

    High quality of light with excellent colour rendering

    High quality of light with excellent colour rendering

  • Powerful energy

    Clear, clean design, easy to apply and operate

    In white, black, with a matt or high-gloss finish, buschfeld offers design transformers that remain visible when installed, or standard transformers for concealed mounting. We have the right option, whatever interior space or application you are working on.

Using Sense System, our existing lightlight® systems can be made smart, interconnected and sensitive to meet future requirements. That means you are able to address and control individual luminaires, transfer data to all end devices, and create light scenarios.

The lightlight® system is designed so that your home can be seen in the best light. Including your private art collection.

And taking design to new levels. In the form of innovative light objects and products, in cooperation with design specialists and lighting designers, that go way beyond the concept of pure lighting.

Custom colours for track and shades can also be produced in accordance with RAL, in a variety of anodised colours, or with a gold-leaf finish.