ceiling track power feed top, left or right

Length = 2000 mm, can be shortend on site
12 V, 25 A
Screw contact
Cover plate: 100 x 100 mm
Supplied with plug and 2 end caps.

Fixtures to be ordered separately.

system category

  • track CEILING

Art.-No. 12-95004

track CEILING, alumatt

LightLight® CEILING is a maintenance-friendly, modular low-voltage track system for mounting on ceilings. The track is suspended from the ceiling via bolt adapters. LightLight® CEILING enables the highly flexible LightLight® system to be retrofitted into your living space. It is the surface-mounted version of the compatible LightLight® PEND and LightLight® IN systems. 

We offer three different options for mounting the ceiling track. Mounting kit standard, mini or flatclip. The track can be mounted vertically and horizontally. Walls and ceilings need to be fitted out absolutely even.