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Private home in Marienburg, Cologne

Marienburg, part of the City of Cologne, is not only known for its wonderful villas. It is also one of the best preserved parts of the city – having fortunately suffered little damage during the wars. Some of the interiors of the buildings in Marienburg are truly remarkable. Take the living space in this villa, for example. The listed historic coffered ceiling alone makes for a very special atmosphere.

The lighting in this space was required to meet the most sensitive of requirements: to highlight the ceiling as a discreet element, while at the same time ensuring the overall space was adequately lit. Using black PEND track to create two levels of track, Buschfeld came up with a solution that responds to the formal aesthetics of the space – whereby the track becomes practically invisible. Given that on one level the PEND track is aligned exactly to the layout of the coffered ceiling, thus rendering it practically a part of the wood paneling. The track-mounted LED LINE uplighter elegantly illuminates the ceiling.

The second level of lighting comprises a spacious geometric set-up of PEND track suspended from the ceiling, which appears to be floating discreetly in the space. Black MAX luminaires mounted on the track provide the ambient lighting.