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Light source: hot spot for a new spatial experience

Today luminaires not only serve to generate optimum brightness. Thanks to the potential of compact LEDs we now have far more technical and design opportunities to work and create with. It is all about generating comfortable ambiences. buschfeld creates lighting solutions that respond to human needs. Extremely flexible and versatile. Our buschfeld luminaires integrate increasingly more functions, becoming a hot spot for networking and data exchange, audio and video, thus enabling completely new spatial experiences.

buschfeld 4.0:  sensitive and sustainable. Light+Building 2018 also marked the start of 4.0, the world of smart robotics – the technological age, in which everything can be interconnected via sensors. And in which situation-relevant data determine what action is required and transfer the required data autonomously. Our discreetly designed Sense System is impressively effective: it enables the creation of lighting scenarios; individual luminaires can be activated as required, and complex architectures modulated using light to an optimum via an app. In museums, for example, Sense System sensors can provide information on numbers of visitors, energy consumption and much more – they become a data hub with integrated sensors and actuators. Sense System – light that affects us in entirely new ways.

What happens to the luminaires when the lifespan of the LEDs applied comes to an end? Or when new technologies replace old ones? – Are the luminaires simply thrown away, or disposed of?

Contemporary yet timeless. That is what makes for the concept that buschfeld stands for. CEO Stephan Blass explains: “buschfeld products are based on a track system that has been continually updated and innovation-driven for the last 30 years. With Sense System® buschfeld is now at 4.0 stage. This is the digital expansion of our streamline LightLight® track system and runs at 48 V DC. Practically all we need to do is just replace a few components”.

Because buschfeld is a classic featuring increased functionality, while remaining the same at its core. Ever since the founding of the company, our focus has been perfect workmanship and high quality. One advantage that has once more gained in importance of late: “We do not need to reject our collections as unsuitable or out-of-date and supplement them with completely different ranges. The buschfeld principle has always been: reduction to the essentials. That gives us the possibility – similar to a computer update – to substitute components in order to ensure the modular system remains competitive and sustainable. And coding light in new dimensions, time and again. Without continually investing in new materials. That means that, based on our core product, with Sense System and Freestyler we can continue to offer a diverse range of contemporary solutions,” Stephan Blass explains.