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Innovative formats of a lighting classic

Individuality and modularity have high priority today when it comes to ambient lighting. In private homes, office environments or other architectural spaces. Freestyler from buschfeld is a modular system comprising both straight and curved sections of track which can be combined in a variety of ways, as required. Thus enabling us to create, within an incredibly short time span, unique and impressive lighting scenarios for our customers in line with the shapes and formats they require. An ultra-modern approach.

It was the development of a completely new type of track connector based on star-shaped connectors that led to the design idea behind Freestyler. This enables the sections of track to be combined in a practically endless number of ways to create new configurations and shapes for the design of individual, lightweight luminous objects of enormous dimensions. Visitors to the buschfeld stand at Light+Building were able to witness the potential of Freestyler. In an initial collection consisting of huge cubes, spheres, chandeliers and star-shaped structures. buschfeld CEO Stephan Blass explains:

The modular construction of three-dimensional luminous structures is a completely new idea. To date any large-format, capacious luminaires were pre-assembled at the manufacturing plant and delivery was undertaken at high costs, if possible at all.

Freestyler is a luminaire evolution, offering lighting planners, architects and designers a vast range of options for designing new and sophisticated contemporary lighting solutions. All based on the systematic further development of the core product: buschfeld’s minimalist Pend track system. Stephan Blass: “It is amazing how many products can be developed when one can build on a high-quality basis”.

Given that Freestyler track is equipped with Sense System technology, it can take a wide range of digital spotlights and luminaires, which can be controlled, dimmed and programmed individually, and even interconnected, via an app.