tri floor

Free-standing luminaire designed for accent lighting in public spaces and in private residences. TRI FLOOR comprises a base and a 2.5 m tall elegant pole. The luminaire is assembled by simply inserting the pole into the base. Three to eight MAX spotlights can be mounted on the pole (300 W maximum). Please specify amount and type in your order. TRI FLOOR is available in alumatt, polished, white or black and includes a cord dimmer. On request TRI FLOOR can also be supplied with remote control (compatible with Gira, Jung).

Productionformation TRI FLOOR

TRI FLOOR, black
In Grade II listed areas, TRI FLOOR offers the same flexibility as the other Buschfeld systems without hurting the historic walls and ceilings.
Filigree, at the picture top, hang three TRI profiles with LED LINE and O-LIGHTS.