max in mission Stefan Diez

Three buschfeld products have been applied for the lighting of “Full House: Design by Stefan Diez”: the versatile max directional spotlight, which can be mounted on the lightlight® track system and rotated through 360 degrees and tilted through 180 degrees. The other two innovative products are the result of the close collaboration between buschfeld, Hay and Diez, which involved thinking in terms of integrated lighting and furniture for the  rst time. To accommodate a special version of the max spotlight, buschfeld shortened the track height of the lighting system from 28 to 17 mm to enable it to be applied in Hay’s aluminium shelving system.

For a large part of the exhibition, the CEILING tracks were integrated into Hay´s structures. Thus, the MAX spotlights could be positioned freely and illuminate the exhibits perfectly. Also, when choosing the light sources, their beam angle and wattage we wanted to provide the visitor the  tensions we hav been asked for.

View into the large hall. On the right at the columns 15 MAX Strahler illuminate the shelf structure of Hay.
View from the 2nd floor down on the stairs of the Museum of Applied Arts.

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Photos: C. Meyer, Köln und G. Kellermann, München