Full House: Design by Stefan Diez

The lighting concept plays a key role in the context of museum exhibitions. What kind of lighting delivers the best solution when it comes to meeting functional requirements
as well as creating the appropriate ambience depends heavily on the space, what is being exhibited there, and the exhibition design. In the process of developing a concept for the first exhibition of his designs, Stefan Diez created a mock-up of the exhibition in his offices in Munich. His idea was to use a variety of cell-like elements from the New Order furniture range for the 23 selected projects. In addition, he planned to install a gigantic spatial hyperstructure that would extend from the open exhibition space up to the top floor of the building.


New Order von Hay als 15 m hohe Struktur

Anyone designing a large-scale exhibition extending over several storey in MAKK will soon discover that the architectural situation is a particularly challenging one: the entire main exhibition hall opens up from the entrance level. “The question was: how can you motivate visitors to pay any attention to details? – We aligned the axes of the individual cells so it is not possible to take everything in at a glance. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of tinted panes, but they do not really reveal what there is behind them. That arouses curiosity. That means the visitor has to purposefully make his way through the space in order to discover each of the projects to his own satisfaction.

[Translate to English:] Für eine Einsatzvariante des MAX Strahlers haben wir die Schienenhöhe des Lichtsystems von 28 auf 17 mm gekürzt, damit sie in die Aluböden von Hay eingesetzt werden konnten. 

buschfeld products were also applied for the lighting in the glass showcases, which can mainly be seen on the first and second floors. For this application buschfeld adapted their LED strip lighting module for flush mounting in the New Order shelving units. The wiring is concealed inside the New Order profiles.

[Translate to English:] Erstmals wurde LED STRIP gezeigt.

The exhibition comprises a total of 302 metres of installed lightlight® track integrated into around 40 shelves. Everything looks uniformly lit, but it is not immediately obvious where the light is coming from.