Digital lighting controls in the Sense System (48V) or classic lighting with LightLight (12V). Whether standard or individual, which points should you consider for your lighting design. We will help you in a few words and give you an orientation.

Light can arouse feelings and make us glow from within. Or enlighten our minds by increasing our power of concentration. Buschfeld has designed and developed lighting systems which aspire to these very goals. Be it historical or contemporary.

Talking to renowned lighting planners and designers provides orientation, for sure. What are the greatest challenges that the lighting world has to face in this day and age? And how can they be overcome?

Achieving aesthetic lighting solutions for works of art – that was what Hans Buschfeld had in mind when he created LightLight® in 1989.  A track system that, given its consistent, time-less design quality – down to the tiniest detail – plus the modular product architecture, high-precision technology and the use of top-quality light sources, has established itself as a classic. ...